We will measure your properties online

Just submit the addresses, and we will do the work.

Submit Addresses

Search for your address(es), then choose which parts (parking lot, lawn, etc..) you want measured or counted using the map software.

We do the measuring

We will measure the properties online using the web-based map tool of your choice, and in your account so the items are on the correct color coded layers.

Receive an email

You will receive an email when each file is completed and then you can log in to your account to see the actual map files.



  • Hi-resolution imagery used if available
  • Pre-paid 1 hour increments
Extra Large Orders

Contact Us

  • Some things in life
  • are negotiable

COO Landscape & Snow Company, New York

We used to hire part time local folks or do takeoffs when we could fit them in. Now we just submit addresses and the estimates are all done in our account. It problaly saved us half of what we paid last year.


Property Manager, Kansas City

One of our building vendors turned us on to this. We had our portfolio measured and color coded so now when we put things out to bid, all of our bids are apples to apples because they are using the same measurements.


Owner large snow removal company

Any time we need to bid large national accounts, we just submit the list to Property Takeoffs and they do all the site measuring for us. The interactive maps are great!